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Eric Ravilious - High Street Illustrations

Eric Ravilious' book, the High Street

Eric Ravilious was a famous lithographer who, in 1938 at the age of 35, produced a famous set of beautiful illustrations of high street shop fronts. J R Richards wrote the text to accompany the pictures, describing the inspiration for them as real shops located in different streets, mainly in London. Naturally enough, the book is simply titled, 'High Street'. Ericís grandson, Ben, has a website dedicated to his grandfather where there are links and further information on the book, the wood engraving and lithography of this talented artist.


Jason Liosatos - Elgin High Street

Jason's watercolour of Elgin High Street

Jason Liosatos painted this watercolour of Elgin high Street. Jason has a distinctive style that uses hints of colour to bring out the detail in the buildings. We liked this one so much, we bought it! More of Jason's work can be found in the Hopeman Gallery.


Artists Wanted!

High.St would like to add a gallery of Artist's work to its site. In effect, we want to provide artists with a shop window on a virtual High Street.

The idea came from a local meeting that was seeking ideas for promoting the work of local designers. We know many professional artists have their own website, and we would be happy to link to that, but also believe that there are many excellent and talented people who do their art for love or as a hobby. We wanted to provide those artists with an outlet that otherwise wouldn't be available to them.

If you want to take part and have your work included then please contact us. When we have sufficient interest, the page will go live on our site and hopefully brighten up a few lives. We reserve the right to determine who is included, we want high quality work suitable for family viewing. Tell us what you think and what you need from us; for example, do you need facilities to sell your work on-line?